Monday, 22 November 2010

The Rules Of The Secret Keepers Game

Every game has rules and so has this one. Please read and practice with care because it is an energy game.

1.    When you have to choose one talisman among the others, do it instinctively. You don’t have to think for hours. The unconscious leads us wisely. Feel and be sure that its pair will go to someone significant for you. Create your reality from the moment you decide which talisman is made for you. You will recognize each other.

2.    If you feel unable to decide which is yours and you get the couple, be sure that you will give one pair as a present to someone you really care and love. You will be very surprised when you realize that sometimes the talisman goes to somebody that we had never thought of at a first place. In this case, you have made your connection stronger and you have put the relationship into new paths. That doesn’t mean that after 10 years of on-offs you are going get married! Nor that after 10 years of marriage at last you will get a divorce! Or your object of desire will fall in love with you out of the blue. The energy doesn’t go this way. It’s not magic, just physics! Just believe that it will do the best for both parts. That is enough. And apart from that you can always give it to a dear friend.

3.    When you have to choose only one pair of a couple do it with sobriety, calmness and serenity. Take your time and don’t rush because sometimes we are led only by aesthetic criteria and not by conscience. Don’t make your choice based only on the colors or the drawing. Feel free to use all your senses. It is very interesting and overwhelming to finally choose something that you would never think of at first sight. This exercise gives more meaning to the blessing. The other pair should also go to someone you love.

4.    When you have a couple in your hands and you have chosen your talisman but still you haven’t decided where to give the other or you don’t have someone to give it to, then just ask it to manifest its possessor at a certain time. Be sure when you ask and so it will be. Remember that you always have to give away one or else the flow will meet barriers.

5.    If you choose two pairs of different couples, the process is the same-you give one to someone dear to you but there is a difference. Now you are 4 people connected. The two dear ones who already know each other and the two who are waiting somewhere to meet with the other two. Confused? If you understand the game till now, it won’t be hard to make this rule clear to yourself! 2 different pairs make two different couples so 4 different people. It's simple math!

6.    Suppose now that you have chosen your talisman either with or without its pair. If you ever meet somebody and you feel like giving your talisman to him/her as a token of your love and respect, don’t hesitate and do so. Because this means that finally it is not yours. You were the medium for the talisman and its owner to meet. Feel happy for that, because now you will have the opportunity to choose another one if you wish which will be really yours this time.

7.    DO NOT READ THE BLESSING BEFORE YOU CHOOSE A TALISMAN! You will be biased. Most of the times the mind is misleading, because most of us don’t connect heart, mind and body. So, let your instinct -the 6th sense- to do the job!

8.    Sometimes possessors of different pairs might meet but not the original couples. Enjoy the experience and keep believing in the reconnection.

9.    Feel uninhibited joy and happiness when you are holding the talismans because they are made with love and focus on your feelings. Make them your friends, give them names and take care of them. They will pay it forward.

10.  Above all set your mind free, revive your imagination and dream! Dream during the day, during the night, when you ride the bus, when you drive the car, when you clean the house, but DREAM and keep this in mind: if you can dream it, you can make it happen.

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