Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tristan and Tristesse


The story of this couple is very interesting. When the possessor of the first chose Tristan, i could never imagine that its pair Tristesse would choose its possessor after 20 minutes! Tristesse should have gone out of Greece-i was going to send her to Barcelona-but she had other plans. It was late at night when i  met accidentally(?) the person who asked me if she was available. We just met in a cab and we chatted a bit till we arrive to our destinations-you know, all these random conversations you have with strangers, the game was brought up, i showed the talisman and that was it. Tristesse has a new possessor. Obviously she didn't want to travel far away from her mate. This is another proof for me that the talismans recognize the possessors and vise versa. My love and light to this reconnection when the time is right...

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