Friday, 17 December 2010


Here are some frequently asked questions:

1.Do i have to take only one pair of the couple?
No, you are not obliged to do so.You can have as many as you wish, but you keep only one for yourselves. The only reason i suggest you to choose one, is to keep the chain open. It has much more fun to wonder where the other pair is because then you activate subconsciously the mechanism of reconnection.

2.Why should i give one?
Because then you let the energy flow.If you keep a couple for yourselves the energy goes back and forth to the same position.Even if you choose a couple, give one to someone you know. You never know how significant this will be.

3.Will i find the love of my life?
Well, if we could find the love of our lives this way, everything would be easier and I would be the best matchmaker of the world.I don't want to say an absolute no, because something like this has already happened once.But i keep insisting that this is not a matchmaking game. The other person who will have the other half of the couple could prove important for you in a thousand of ways.

4.How do i choose a talisman?
Instictively.This is the best way to know that the talisman is for you.

5.How do i activate the talisman?
Simply by giving all your good intention, thought and love to it.Treat them as friends,give them new names,take care of them and talk to them.They will do the best for you.If you show trust,they will pay it forward.

6.Can i order for my friends?
Of cource!The process is the same.Only one for each of them.And the best part is to let them choose.

7.Do you know cases of reconnection?
As long as i have part of the control, i can assure you that there are cases of reconnection.Also pairs of different couples have met and i wasn't the one who gave the talismans!I know it because they mailed me and told me so!

8.Is it magic?
Yes i have heard that too!The only magic there is, is your intention that moves the energy stream.And the more clear you are with what you want, the sooner you will have the reconnection.Usually noone is that s why let the talismans help you.They need your co-operation.

9.How do they function?
They function as protection and show you a path for personal conscience and awakening.But as all  therapies they need your collaboration.

10.What are they charged with?
They have reiki and symbols and also pomades and quintessences used by aura soma therapists.

11.And how do we do it?I tell you which couple i want and you make it?You have to know me?And what happens to the other pair?Will i know who has it?Do you have standard talismans to choose?
First you send me a mail which says"Hello i want a talisman".Then i make a couple for you.I take a pic, i send it via mail, you choose yours, i send it by post wherever you are.The other couple will be given to someone who will choose it from the beginning.As long as it depends on me, you won't be informed who has the other pair.For now i don't have standard talismans for you to choose because the first batch of the game, i make it with you.You order, i create and when 20 couples are made and gone, i ll upload a fix series of talismans so you can choose on line.I will keep you informed.

12.You can send me a talisman wherever i am?
Yes!Even in Alaska as long as you give me your address and name.These are personal data and are not revealed!

13.How much do they cost?
Well i will answer as i always do.They cost less than a cheap H&M dress and  2 movie tickets!It's an energy game and has a symbolic price.If you want more information, send me a mail and i 'll be happy to tell you more about it.

Let the light and love you have inside,guide you

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