Thursday, 16 December 2010

A few words about symbols

Symbols are merely a kind of trigger. They do not carry power in themselves. Some people believe that a much-used symbol is very powerful because using it is like tapping into a reservoir of all the power invested in them.

So, then, symbols are nothing more than triggers, and they are useful because they help train the mind in such a way ash to instantly trigger a certain function in a reflex, and therefore unconscious (or subconscious?) way. This way, instead of having to focus on doing this or that, the tracing of the symbol can get it going instantly while you can concentrate on something else. Pavlov s experiment is too well-known for any elaboration to be necessary.

This kind of trigger does not have to be a symbol. It can be a sound, a gesture, a formula, an image such as the talismans are. Anything that can ally the energy flow.So when you hold a talisman in your hands, you have a symbol of energy that expects you to make it work

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