Monday, 3 January 2011


I send the game to people that might find it intriguing and interesting!

 It is based on the theory of 6 degrees of separation ( and one of the reasons i decided to form the rules and practically to sit down and make a detailed work in this blog was the exciting idea of people sharing something in common although they might not know each other, even if they live in different continents.

I don't want to commercialize it, only to spread it word of mouth!And i need your help and collaboration for this. Share the game with people you think that might be interested in it! It ' s an energy path that only the ones that are really open to new things will follow. That' s why i don' t want advertising...I strongly believe that things happen only to those who have faith and they are open and free minded.

The game is more something like a worldwide pursuit triggered by the faith that lies inside to everyone more or less. I t was an idea that i visualized and materialized in just 20 days. For the first time in my life i made a big step and i wish for you the same.

May the light you have inside guide you!

PS.Alice I hope i answered!

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