Wednesday, 2 February 2011


To be continued...

 “You will never believe it!” .My friend Maria sounded excited and surprised. At first I couldn't understand what she was talking about. She was rumbling about a present I had given her for her birthday but still I couldn't remember because it had been over 6 months since that day. The phone call was from Venezuela as I was informed. But still I couldn't catch her point. And then a male voice interfered in our conversation. A familiar voice. My other friend Bjorn.
Bjorn is a Swedish friend I had met 3 summers ago. He was on vacation with his girlfriend then and they were touring Greece. We had a couple of drinks and kept in touch. We really had a great time. He had big plans and was about to move to the United States for business. He was also about to get married but of course life has other plans. He broke up with his girlfriend and decided to make a big trip to South America.
Maria hadn't been in a relationship for quite a bit. Not a sociable type I could say. An introvert who loves traveling. So in February of 2008 my 2 friends met each other in a hostel in Venezuela. The best part is coming now.
Maria and Bjorn have birthday on 3 and 8 of April. I had made a couple of talismans and gave them as a present. Each of them had a common blessing for traveling. I think it was something like “the traveler sees what the others cannot” and “listen to your heart and you will find a home”. They both had the talismans on them so they recognized each other. Pretty awesome huh? Before that meeting they didn't have a clue about each other's existence. Currently they are together, they live in Vermont and have plans for kids etc etc.
This was the inception of the game. Sometimes serendipity is a matter of sycronicity, intention and deep desire. I like to think that the talismans is a medium of revealing inner and deep desires that the heart knows but the mind is not aware of...
PS1.I would like to thank my friends for letting me share this beautiful and fairytale-like personal story.
PS2.Now they travel together!2 is always more fun

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