Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Talismans bring power to the beholder, whilst amulets ward off evil spirits. Talismans are usually objects or inscriptions of great power and positive energy which is duly passed to its possessor. Famous talismans include Aladdin's magic lamp, King Arthur's sword Excalibur, a magician's magic hat or a Wizard's magic wand. These talisman's each have the protective power and positive energy of God, nature, magic or the owner's sheer strength of belief. Talismans are worn to instil confidence, belief and power.

Traditionally amulets were made from crystals such as garnet to protect sailors from drowning or aquamarine to banish fear but nowadays an amulet can be just about anything as long as the possessor believes it has the strength to ward off illness, negative energy and evil spirits. Famous amulets include garlic or a crucifix to ward off vampires, Runes, Coal, Horseshoes and lucky bamboo or coins. Amulets are worn like a good luck charm.

All the above are based on faith and trust and without these no object or symbol can protect.

PS.The above are just for the record because everybody asks the difference!But above all it is a game-don't forget that. Nothing to be very pensive, skeptical or serious about.Be happy and go lucky! That's it!

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